Roadsweep America

At Roadsweep America, a contracted team of professionals pick up litter refuse and ensure the safe disposal of any biohazards which they encounter. But we cannot do it alone.

“Roadsweep America was created as a means for public officials, municipalities, and road agents to streamline the process of environmental restoration with sponsors from other organizations. New Hampshire is overdue in its need for a team of hired and paid professionals to clean its highways, trails, and watersides. We need your support to make environmental restoration a stable career option for people who want to cultivate a better future for our children and grandchildren.”

Jerry BowmanFounder, Roadsweep America

Services We Offer

Highway Litter Removal

Towns can thrive on tourism when the surrounding nature is kept litter-free. New Hampshire residents deserve clean commutes as well.

Waterside Debris Pickup

We will venture to any river, pond, or lake in NH with littered shorelines. Littering can cause waste to be blown or washed into our waterways, leading to pollution in soil and aquatic environments.

Municipal Cleaning

Dirty streets benefit no one. Roadsweep America is offering partnerships with several municipalities within the state to strengthen city curb cleaning projects.

Park Restoration

Our team will head to parks and surrounding trails in New Hampshire and comb for non-biodegradable refuse. Wild animals are harmed by the proximity that food dumping draws them to people, endangering both sides.