Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the biggest littering issues in the state?

Roadside litter is a growing problem in the state and is caused by both residents, tourists, visitors, and employers. These offenders can be classified as casual litters, habitual litters, those who dump larger quantities, bulky items and truck drivers who fail to secure their truck loads. 

Does Roadsweep America only cover highways?

We have two main areas of focus:

1) We contract with municipalities to assist with litter cleanup on their streets, and in their parks, cemeteries, playgrounds, and other municipal property.

2) We contract with companies who wish to sponsor a section of state highway for litter cleanup.

How often will Roadsweep America clear an area?

We work with municipalities on either a one-time cleanup project, or on a regular basis as needed, which is determined by the city or town. Regarding the states’ highways, we clean a sponsored 4-mile section of highway, a minimum of 4 times, beginning in April and ending in October.

How does the Roadsweep Sponsorship work?

Companies interested in sponsoring a section of state highway for litter cleanup, will contact Roadsweep America through the state’s website, or they can contact us directly. We will then install a sign along the sponsored highway section, displaying the sponsored companies name and logo. We will then provide the materials and labor necessary to perform periodic cleanings from April through October. 

Does Roadsweep America only cover New Hampshire?

At the present time we are focused on the state of New Hampshire. However, our long-term goal is to develop franchise opportunities throughout the United States.