About Us

We establish connections with municipalities across the state and determine a contract for a stretch of highway.

Our Story

New Hampshire’s current strategy for road litter cleanup is ineffectual. While volunteering and inmate service have been the status quo for litter cleanup, these efforts are not enough to combat the state’s littering problem.

At Roadsweep America, a contracted team of professionals pick up litter refuse and ensure the safe disposal of any biohazards which they encounter. But we cannot do it alone.

If you are willing to sponsor a mile of highway cleanup, please reach out to RSA at our email or phone number.

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Our Mission Points

Clean Roads
Sanitary Water
Clear Trails

Meet Director Jerry Bowman

My name is Jerry Bowman, and I want to make my state a cleaner place to live and visit.

In my commutes across New Hampshire, I see trash lining far too many highways. It interrupts the natural beauty of our landscape. It harms the deer and other wildlife that we cherish. It drives away tourists who want to come here for the experience of a small, picturesque New England town. We have to do better.

I created Roadsweep America so that New Hampshire could rely on a team of hired and paid professionals to sweep its highways, trails, and watersides.

I need your support to make environmental restoration a stable career option for people who want to cultivate a better future for our children and grandchildren.

The Benefits of Our Service

Wildlife Preservation

Littering along highways is detrimental to the ecosystem. Animals are harmed not only by the contents of littering, but by the proximity that food dumping draws them to traffic.

Increased Tourism

When our roads don’t distract from the beauty of our mountain skylines, tourists will be more likely to make return visits to New Hampshire’s sugarhouses, hiking areas, local boutiques, and small restaurants.

Empowering the Renovation Profession

Our planet is burdened with tons of human pollution, and we must do whatever we can to heal it.  Renovation must be salaried work for visible change to be achieved.