Let us help your city or town keep its streets, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries and trails free of litter. 

We can assist your municipal departments in keeping your cities and towns beautiful and litter free.

Litter in the streets, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, and trails benefits no one. Not only is it an eyesore, but it also creates pest infestation, irritates tax paying residents, hurts local business, and reduces tourism in your cities and towns.

Our Municipal Turnkey Operation

Upon meeting with your municipal departments to determine your needs, we will provide the labor and supplies required to clean up litter in specific areas of your city or town as requested.

Benefits of Contracting with Roadsweep America

Let’s face it…litter is a growing problem in all cities and towns. All municipalities want to keep their cities and towns litter free, but sometimes municipal resources can’t keep up. When labor is in short supply and your staff is spread thin, contracting with us will help you keep your cities and towns beautiful and litter free.


Roadsweep America has already been approved by the state as an approved contractor for highway litter cleanup, which will save you the time and effort to determine our qualifications. We stand ready to support your litter cleanup needs, regardless of the project size. So, please consider us for a specific one-time job, or for any on-going cleanup needs. Our pricing can be based by the hour, by the bag, or we can provide a fixed price quote based on a specific project. 

Contact Us

For more information, or to request a FREE quote, please contact us: 833-762-3797

Tourism is a four-season experience in New Hampshire; let’s ensure that our towns reflect our beautiful state.

Materials We Will Collect

Bulk Items

*Any other materials you wish to dispose will be under negotiation.

Materials We Will Not Collect

Oil Containers
Corrosive Materials

*We will contact the state for advanced disposals on biohazards.