With our litter cleanup services and your company’s sponsorship, our state highways will look significantly better.

Are you sick of seeing trash litter the sides of our highways?

Are you ready to help make a difference in how we take care of our state’s environment and roadside litter cleanup?

Your Company can make a difference!

By sponsoring a section of our state’s highways, your company can make a difference in helping to keep our roadways litter-free, which benefits NH residents and helps to promote tourism.

We Handle Everything

Roadsweep America handles all the planning and provides all the labor and supplies needed to clean up litter on your company’s sponsored section of highway.

State Highway Sponsorship Benefits
  • Your company’s sponsorship will help keep the state’s highways clean and beautiful
  • Your company gets credit for a sponsored section of highway, without having to involve your own personnel in the actual cleanup 
  • Your sponsorship may very well boost your company’s image with consumers
  • Your company’s name would appear prominently on a roadside sign
  • You could promote your sponsorship commitment to the state’s environment in your company’s marketing materials and annual report

Get in Touch

For more information on how our Sponsor A State Highway program works, along with the costs of sponsorship, please contact us at:  833-762-3797

Tourism is a four-season experience in New Hampshire; let’s ensure that our towns reflect our beautiful state.

Materials We Will Collect

Bulk Items

*Any other materials you wish to dispose will be under negotiation.

Materials We Will Not Collect

Oil Containers
Corrosive Materials

*We will contact the state for advanced disposals on biohazards.