A Clean America For A Clean Future

We’re cleaning America’s highways – keeping our roads clean and beautiful for residents and tourists alike.

We Have To Do Better

My name is Jerry Bowman, and my goal is to help make my state a cleaner place to live, work and visit. Our current methods of litter clean up on our highways, city streets, parks, and trails  definitely needs improvement. In my commutes across New Hampshire, I often see litter lining our roadways. Litter detracts from the beauty of our state, hurts wildlife, increases pest infestation, irritates tax paying residents, hurts business, reduces tourism and population growth.

I have a plan that will help clean and beautify our state highways, city streets, parks and other municipal areas. So, please take a few minutes to look over our website to see how we can help keep New Hampshire looking beautiful and litter free. 

Why Does It Matter?

  • Protecting Our Environment:  Our planet is burdened with tons of human pollution, so we should all work together to help protect our planet and thus ensure a safe environment for our children and grandchildren. 
  • Increased Tourism and Population Growth:  New Hampshire is known for its natural beauty.  A litter free state will help increase population growth and tourism, which makes up a large portion of New Hampshire’s economy.
  • Wildlife Preservation:  Littering along our roadways increases the chances of wildlife being hit by vehicles. So, by keeping our roadways clean, we will protect our wildlife.

Who We Partner With


We contract with the Department of Public Works and the Parks & Recreation Department in cities and towns to assist with cleaning their streets, parks, playgrounds, cemeteries, trails, and other municipal areas.

State Highways

Roadsweep America is an approved maintenance provider for the state’s limited access highways and secondary roadways. We work directly with companies who wish to sponsor a section of highway for litter cleanup. 

Private Entities

Companies looking to sponsor a section of highway for litter cleanup, contract directly with Roadsweep America, for the actual cleanup, which helps keep our roadways clean and increases the company’s image with consumers and shareholders.