A Clean America For A Clean Future

We’re cleaning America’s highways – keeping our roads clean and beautiful for residents and tourists alike.
About Us

We Have To Do Better

My name is Jerry Bowman, and I want to make my state a cleaner place to live and visit. Our current strategy for road litter cleanup is ineffectual. In my commutes across New Hampshire, I see trash lining far too many highways. It interrupts the natural beauty of our landscape. It harms the deer and other wildlife that we cherish. It drives away tourists who want to come here for the experience of a small, picturesque New England town. We have to do better.

It Makes A Difference

Why Does It Matter?

  • Empowering the Renovation Profession: Our planet is burdened with tons upon tons of human pollution, and it’s up to us to do whatever we can to alleviate the harm.
  • Increased Tourism: When our roads don’t distract from the beauty of our mountain skylines, tourists will be more likely to make return visits to New Hampshire.
  • Wildlife Preservation: Littering along highways is detrimental to the population, impacting air quality and wildlife.

Who We Partner With


We consult with public works directors in numerous cities and towns to allocate funds for highway, trail, and waterside restoration. 

State Officials

We are in contact with personnel in the NH Department of Transportation who oversee highway maintenance.

Private Entities

A simpler alternative to Adopt-a-Highway.  Private companies and individuals can reach out to Roadsweep America to negotiate the funding for a stretch of land in need of restoration.  All restoration sites with be marked with a sign crediting the sponsor.